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About the Department

The Department provides in depth theoretical and practical knowledge. It emphasizes automation through computers, experimental investigation and exposure of industrial problems. A special emphasis is given to the engineering and extensive use of power electronics in modern transmission systems, electric drives, and controls. This has been found to be of immense practical utility to students in their carrier.

The Department's mission is to produce excellent, innovative and nationalistic engineers and to advance the field of electrical and electronics engineering. The purpose of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is to provide professional teaching and training, and at the same time to participate actively in applied and theoretical research.






To understand the functions of AC and DC machines.

Major Equipments :
  • 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor 5 HP

  • 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor 3 HP

  • 3 phase slip ring induction motor 5HP

  • Single phase squirrel cage induction motor 1 HP

  • Single phase squirrel cage induction motor ½ HP

  • 3 phase salient pole alternator 3 HP

  • 3 phase synchronous motor

  • 3 phase auto synchronous motor

  • 3 phase alternator 5 HP

  • Rectifier unit 100 Amps

  • DC shunt generator 5 HP

  • DC shunt generator 3 HP

  • DC series generator 5 HP

  • DC shunt motor 5 HP

  • DC shunt motor 3 HP

  • DC series motor 5 HP

  • DC compound motor 5 HP

  • DC compound generator 5 HP

  • DC compound generator 3 HP

  • Single phase resistive /inductive load 2.5 KW

  • Single phase resistive load 2.5 KW

  • Single phase auto transformer 10 A

  • Three phase auto transformer 15 A

  • Single phase idle transformer 10 A

  • Three phase transformer 15 A

  • Zero power transformer 10 A

  • Inductive load 10 A

  • Capacitive load 7 A

  • Rheostats from various ranges


To experiment the transfer functions of motor kit and control system.

Major Equipments:
  • Transfer function of motor generator kit

  • Transfer function of DC& AC servo motor kit

  • DC & AC servo position control system

  • Stepper motor control kit

  • Stability analysis of linear system kit


To study the displacement and pressure transducers, transients, Calibration of single-phase energy meter, Measurement of three phase power and power factor we using this lab.

Major Equipments :
  • LVDT kit

  • AC & DC bridge kit

  • Instrumentation amplifier

  • Analog to digital & digital to analog converter kit

  • Single phase energy meter

  • Current transformer

  • RLC kit

  • 2 winding & single winding transformer


Papers Published in International and National Journals
  • One day National Level Conference on "Emerging Trend In Power System And Power Electronics" held on 02-03-2013 at MAM School of Engineering.

  • Two days National Level Conference on "RAT" 13 held On 16-02-2013 & 17-02-2013 at Mother Teresa College of Engineering And Technology.

News & Events

The Programms conducted by Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Training cum Project Program on "Controller Design for Electrical Drives" is being conducted by Mr. Vijayakumar, Manager, Interlogicx Embedded Solutions, Pondicherry, for Final Year EEE Students from 29.01.2014 to 08.02.2014.

The staff & Students participated workshop, paper presentation and symposium
  • students of III year EEE, participated in “ICTACT YOUTH TALK” held at Saranathan College of Engineering, Trichy on 1st August 2014.

  • students of III year EEE, presented a paper entitled “Power Management in 2020” held at Periyar Maniyammai University, Tanjore on 4th April 2014.

  • students of III Year EEE has participated in a Quiz Competition held at Indra Ganesan College of Engineering, Trichy on 14th March 2014.

  • Mr.R.Srinivasan, AP/EEE, has attended two day workshop on "System design using LABVIEW" held at BIT Campus, Anna University of Technology, Trichy on 13th & 14th March 2014.

  • Mr.S.Jagir Hussain & Mr.T.Kesavan, AP/EEE, presented a paper entitled,"Input Current Harmonic Analysis of Three Phase Converter using Space Vector Modulation" in the International Conference (ICECC-2014) held at Tagore Engineering College, Chennai on 13th March 2014.

  • Mr.S.Jagir Hussain & N.Banugopal, AP/EEE, has attended "ICTACT bridge conference" held at Trade Centre,Chennai on 26 & 27 February 2014

  • N.Balamurugan & M.Praveenkumar of Third Year EEE has attended two day workshop on "Control Systems" at National Institute of Technology, Trichy on 14 & 15 February 2014.

  • R.Srivatsan, E.Sathyanarayanan, T.Kesavan, N.Banu Gobal, M.Bharathidasan, D.Prabakaran, S.Jagir Hussain, Bharathidasan and N.Banugopal, Asst. Prof., have participated TEQIP-II Sponsored Faculty Development Program On " A Research Avenue in Power Electronics" at Anna University of Technology, BIT Campus, Trichy on 09-15 Dec 2013.

Toppers List

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Student Achievements

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Contact Us

Mr.E.Sathiyanarayanan M.E.,
Assistant Professor & Head of the Department (I/C)

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
M.A.R College of Engineering and Technology,
Trichy-Viralimalai Main Road, Boothakudi,
Illuppur(TK), Pudukkottai(Dt), Pin - 621 316.
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