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About the Department

Civil Engineering is one of the most traditional Engineering studies in India. Civil Engineering discipline was started in the academic year 2009. The profession deals with planning, designing, supervising, constructing and maintaining activities of public works like roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, airports, dams, water works, sewage system, ports etc. and offers a multitude of challenging career opportunities.

The courses cover basic sciences, Mathematics, Engineering graphics, computing techniques along with the fundamental Engineering principles of construction materials. Building Drawing and Laboratory classes in testing of materials help to understand Civil Engineering in a practical way. Students will also cover the fundamental principles to study the behavior of solids, Fluids and Soils. Surveying and Environmental Engineering.

Site visits are arranged to give the students practical idea along with laboratory classes in Surveying, Hydraulics and Soil Engineering. Analysis and design of steel and concrete structures and Foundation Engineering are focused. The students can opt for a special elective subject prescribed in the curriculum.

A survey camp is arranged for the benefit of the students. Practical classes in Computer Aided Structural Analysis and Environmental Engineering are other features.


  • Surveying Practical-I and Surveying Laboratory

  • Computer Aided Building Drawing Laboratory

  • Strength of Materials Laboratory

  • Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory

  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory

  • Soil Mechanics Laboratory

  • Transportation Engineering Laboratory


Study of chains and its accessories, Aligning, Ranging and Chaining, Chain Traversing, Plane table surveying: Radiation, Intersection, and Traversing are done in this laboratory.

Major Equipments:
  • Total Station

  • Theodolites

  • Dumpy Level

  • Plain Table

  • Pocket Stereoscope

  • Ranging Rods

  • Leveling Staff

  • Cross Staff

  • Chains

  • Tapes


To study and draw the Buildings with load bearing walls (Flat and pitched roof) Including details of doors and windows.

Major Equipments:
  • Computer system of Pentium IV or equivalent

  • Licensed version of any reputed Analysis

  • Design and Drafting software


To test involving axial compression and tension to obtain the stress and strain curve, Test involving flexure to obtain the load deflection curve and hence the stiffness, Test for impact resistance and Tests on Cement.

Major Equipments:
  • UTM of minimum 400 KN capacity

  • Torsion testing machine for steel rods

  • Izod impact testing machine

  • Hardness testing machine, Rockwell, Vicker’s, Brinnel

  • Beam deflection test apparatus

  • Extensometer

  • Compressometer

  • Dial gauges Few

  • Le Chatelier’s apparatus

  • Vicat’s apparatus

  • Mortar cube moulds


The determination of co-efficient of discharge for orifice, notches, venturimeter, orifice meter and performance characteristics of reciprocating pump are done in this lab.

Major Equipments:
  • Bernoulli’s theorem – Verification Apparatus

  • Calculation of Metacentric height Water tank. Ship model with accessories

  • Measurement of velocity Pirot tube assembly

  • Flow measurement Open channel flow

    • Channel with provision for fixing notches (rectangular, triangular and trapezoidal forms)

    • Flume assembly with provisions for conducting experiments on Hydraulic jumps, generation of surges etc.

  • Flow measurement in pipes

    • Venturimeter, U tube manometer fixtures like Valves, collecting tank

    • Orifice meter, with all necessary fittings in pipe lines of different diameters

    • Calibration of flow through orifice tank with Provisions for fixing orifices of different shapes, Collecting tank

    • Calibration of flow through mouth piece Tank with provisions for fixing mouth pieces Viz external mouth pieces and internal mouth piece Borda’s mouth piece

  • Losses in Pipes

    • Major loss – Friction loss
           Pipe lengths (min. 3m) of different diameters with Valves and pressure rapping and collecting tank

    • Minor Losses
           Pipe line assembly with provisions for having sudden contractions in diameter, expansions Bends, elbow fitting, etc.

  • Pumps

    • Centrifugal pump assembly with accessories (single stage)

    • Centrifugal pump assembly with accessories (multi stage)

    • Reciprocating pump assembly with accessories

    • Deep well pump assembly set with accessories

  • Turbine

    • Impulse turbine assembly with fittings and accessories

    • Francis turbine assembly with fittings and accessories

    • Kaplan turbine assembly with fittings and accessories


To Sampling and preservation methods and significance of characterization of water and wastewater like B.O.D and C.O.D test.

Major Equipments:
  • PHmeter

  • Turbidity meter

  • Conductivity meter

  • Refrigerator

  • BOD incubator

  • Muffle furnace

  • Hot air oven.

  • Magnetic stirrer with hot plates.

  • Desicator

  • Jar test apparatus.

  • Water bath

  • Furniture

  • Glass waves / Cruicibles

  • Chemicals

  • COD apparatus

  • Kjeldane apparatus

  • Heating mantles

  • Calorimeter.

  • Chlorine comparator

  • Furniture: Work table

  • Beaker

  • Standard flask

  • Burette with stand

  • Pipette

  • Crucible

  • Filtration assembly.

  • Chemicals


Determination of moisture – Density relationship, Atterberg limits test, One dimensional consolidation test, field density test done in this lab.

Major Equipments:
  • Electrical Oven

  • Direct Shear test apparatus

  • Liquid limit Apparatus

  • Sieve Shaker

  • Sieves (Fine and Coarse Aggregates)

  • Soil Permeability Apparatus

  • Standard Proctor compaction mould and hammer

  • Soil Hydrometer

  • Core Cutter

  • CBR Apparatus

  • Consolidation Apparatus

  • Pycnometer

  • Hydrometer jar

  • Triaxial setup

  • Compression Proving Ring

  • Direct Shear test apparatus


Testing on Aggregate, CBR Test and Bituminous coating and Stripping test are done in this lab.

Major Equipments:
  • Universal Testing Machine

  • Abrasion test

  • Visco meter

  • Impact test equipments

  • Measuring jars with Burners

  • Standard needle for penetration test

  • Thermo meter

  • Flakiness and elongation test Equipment and accessories

  • CBR test with accessories with loading arrangements


Papers Published in International and National Journals
News & Events

The Programms conducted by Department of Civil Engineering
  • Survey Camp for Civil Engineering III Year Students is conducted from 26-02-2014 to 04.03.2014 at M.A.R. College of Engineering & Technology Campus under the aegis of the Department of Civil Engineering. Mr.G.Gopinath, IRS Senior Project Associate (Protechnical) acts as Chief Resource Person.

  • One Month Training programme on "STADD PRO" for Final Year Civil Engineering Students from 23-01-2014 by CADD Centre.

  • Two Months Training programme on "REVIT ARCHITECTURE" for Second and Final Year Civil Engineering Students from 23-01-2014 by CADD Centre.

  • One week Training Course From 22-01-2014 to 29-01-2014 on Advanced Concepts in Surveying and Geospatial Technologies for the benefit of Civil Engineering Students. The Course was conducted by Resource person Mr.K.Allah Pitchai, Surryapps Consulting, Chennai. During the course Er.Pari, Manager – Geo informatics Division Explain the application of Geoinformatics to identify the various resources under the Earth. Mr.Velmurugan, Advanced Micronics Devices provided the training to using the modern surveying Instruments and Mr. K.Subramani, Perfect surveyors participated and provided Training to method of surveying Techniques for various land features like flat terrain, sloping hill and water bodies etc.,
    At the end of the day Prof.K.Palanivel and Prof.Mr.Muthamilselvam of Institute of Remote Sensing, Bharathidasan University delivered the Technical Lecture on Principles and application of GIS and Remote sensing in civil engineering aspects. In Valedictory session Prof.C.J.Kumanan, Director, IRS, Bharathidasan University delivered the Valedictory address.Prof.T.Palani, Principal, M.A.R College of Engineering & Technology co-ordinate the programme. Finally Mr.M.S.Senthil Head of the Department of Civil Engineering delivered Vote of thanks.

The staff participated workshop, paper presentation and symposium
  • Mr.M.S.Senthil, AP/Civil, has participated TEQIP II Sponsored National Seminar on "E-Resources for scholarly Communication" held at Bharathidasan Institute of Technology, Anna University, Tiruchirappalli on 28 February 2014.

  • Mr.M.S.Senthil, AP/Civil, has participated One day Workshop on "R&D Project Proposals - Awareness, Needs and Benefits" organised by Centre for Technology Development and Transfer, Anna University, Chennai on 26 February 2014.

  • Mr. N.Satheswaran, AP/Civil has attended two day national workshop on "Challenges in Geotechnical Investigation and Foundation Design" in association with TEQIP-II and IGS-Trichy Chapter at National Institute of Technology, Trichy on 14-15 February 2014

  • Mr.M.S.Senthil, AP/Civil, has successfully completed the training Course on "Aquifer Information System and Aquifer Management plan" organised and conducted by Control Ground Water Board, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India from 06.01.2014 to 10.01.2014.

  • Prof.T.Palani has attended 28th Indian Engineering Congress organized by The Institution of Engineers(India) on 20-22 December 2013, and presented a paper on "Performance of High Strength Concrete made of Copper slag as finite aggregate".

  • Mr.M.S.Senthil, AP/Civil, has attended one week TEQIP II Sponsored Faculty Development Programme on "Advanced Software application in Civil Engineering" organised by Bharathidasan Institute of Technology, Anna University, Tiruchirappalli from 12.12.2013 to 18.12.2013

  • Prof.T.Palani, Professor/Civil, has participated TEQIP II Sponsored International Workshop on "Structural Life Assessment and Failure Diagnosis" held at National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli on 6 & 7 December 2013.

  • Mr.M.S.Senthil, AP/Civil, has participated TEQIP II Sponsored International Workshop on "Structural Life Assessment and Failure Diagnosis" held at National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli on 6 & 7 December 2013.

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Student Achievements

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